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The Beauty of Boredom.

Productivity is an interesting concept. Society seems to perceive it as extremely positive. It’s essential in the arena of life achievement. In moving forward. We each experience a range of productivity and motivation. When I’m feeling energetic I’m often impressed with the amount I’m able to get done. On lethargic days, if I can muster […]

The Eating Disorder That Woke Me Up.

There are many posts I would have loved to write before this one. I’d rather throw this one into a gaping cavern, never to be seen again. I’d let it erode into gravel until there were only scattered sediments left that dissolve into the earth. I’d rather forget. But, then I ask myself, who does […]

Taking Things Personally.

Where to begin. I’d love to be zen, chill, and centered 24/7. That’s the goal, right? It’s not my reality. I take things personally. In this stage of life, I often describe myself as breezy. A phrase taught to me by my brother. You have to imagine it in a high-pitched voice replete with sarcasm: […]

A Culture of Comparison.

I don’t remember the moment. The moment I learned that external validation defines my worth; when I began to believe society’s lie. I do remember the onset of comparison, though. It was the first day of seventh grade. Samantha, my childhood best friend, and I had purchased what we believed to be the cutest outfits. […]

Therapy and Imperfection.

The social stigma around therapy is alive and well. I’m continuously surprised by the discomfort around this topic. Through silence I’ve contributed to the stigmatization, but I refuse to any longer. The mental health movement has done wonders. To the friends I’ve seen share their truth and struggles around mental health publicly: I see you. […]

WTH is a Spiritual Awakening?

Well, what does it mean to you? My definition: When you hear, see, or feel something that resonates as truth. You can’t ignore its potency. It’s an unexpected ice bath for the soul. At your core, you know it is true. In that moment, you recognize the limitations of sight. You expand. Your field of […]

On Fear.

As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. — Marianne Williamson Fear. You’ve felt it. We all have. That out of body, gut-wrenching, tension that overpowers your being. It can feel like you’ve […]

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